‘Tis but a scratch!

Posted: September 23, 2011 in Elections

So Bill Wills is going to continue to campaign as a write in candidate for mayor. A few thoughts on this…

Unless you have good confidence that you have significant support from the other party (ie like Joe Lieberman), a candidate running against someone on their own party runs a high risk of taking away votes from that party’s candidate. We saw this happen back in the 2009 Ward 3 Alderperson’s race.

I think it will be highly unlikely that a write-in candidate will win in this election. If his name was on the ballot, I would say he might have a chance.  Given Will’s popularity, I think he will certainly get a good number of write in votes. The question is, will he take more votes from Ann Thane or from Joe Emanuele? I would guess he would take more from Thane, but I’m not 100% sure in this scenario. Thoughts?

So what I wonder with Wills and the other candidates who lost their primaries and are still running is if they are running because of principle or pride? Sometimes 3rd party candidates who have a significant following but no chance of winning, run in order to bring attention to their specific issues, in hopes of influencing the platform of one or more of the major party candidates. Other times, well…it’s hard to say…

  1. Bill Wills says:

    Tim, thank you for giving me some recognition on your blog. First, I am continuing my run for office so that I will be able to debate my opponents on the issues determined by other than the candidates. I never was given that chance. Second, I am running because of the poor showing of voters at the primary due to Irene and Lee. My opponent was more successful than I in getting her supporters out to vote. Third, I am trying a different campaign that hopefully will show that money can’t buy an elected position but experience and results can. We all have records but these records to date have not been made public so that comparisons and decisions can be made. Fourth, having a ranking Senator come to Amsterdam the day before the primary was a very good tactical and political move. I am hoping that our President will be called upon the day before the general election to appear on my opponent’s behalf as I would love to see him up front (tongue in cheek comment).

    I will be revising my website so that the major points of why the voter should write in William D. Wills on November 8th are clear and evident. I’m looking for the same historic result that we had four years ago in the mayoral race, that a write in can win, that a self financed and politically unattached individual can appeal to the masses, that people will remember the four years of both of my opponents as mayor and how far we have progressed since then, and that people like yourself will offer your opinions as to why one candidate may be better than another.

    Long shots do come in – in life. I am hoping that this be one and if it does I will tell everyone you won’t regret it.

    Thanks Tim for giving me the opportunity of blogging on your site.

    • I am glad Bill is back in the running. As an unaffiliated voter, I was unable to help Mr. Wills in the Primary with my vote. On November 8th, I will submit my write in vote for William D. Wills, the people’s Mayor.

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