Let Me Put It Another Way

Posted: December 23, 2011 in City Marketing

This is the way I see the perceptions of Amsterdam being handled by various persons.
There are no direct quotes here, just my perceptions and paraphrasing:

News Story: Amsterdam Downtown Mixer A Success
Recorder: Print it
Fox: Where’s Amsterdam again?
YNN: Ho hum

News Story: Trade Center Pillar Arrives in Amsterdam
Recorder: Print it
WNYT: Pass
WTEN: European News?

News Story: Man Drops Pants in Target Parking Lot in Amsterdam
Recorder: Print it
Fox: Juicy!
WRGB: Shocking! We’ll run  it.

News Story: Riverlink Park in Amsterdam hit by Vandals
Recorder: Print it
YNN: So sad, we’ll run it!
WNYT: Details at eleven!

Real Estate agent: There’s a beautiful house available in Amsterdam for a great price
Prospective home buyer: I’ve heard Amsterdam is a crime-ridden dump
Real Estate agent: I really don’t know much about Amsterdam
Prospective home buyer: What else do you have?

Mayor Thane: Amsterdam is a great place to live with many aspects that would be attractive to businesses and homebuyers. Let’s develop a marketing strategy that promotes the positive aspects of Amsterdam to the rest of the region

Recorder EDITORIAL  1/18/09:  All the roads in Amsterdam need to be fixed first, only then can we market the city
Recorder EDITORIAL  2/15/09: The city is not enticing to anyone. Put the marketing plan on hold until we can offer more
Recorder EDITORIAL 1/21/10:  Even if you get someone to visit Amsterdam, they’ll run away once they see it.
Recorder EDITORIAL  4/25/10:  It’s not the Mayor’s job to market the city, it’s not what she was elected to do
Recorder EDITORIAL  9/5/10: The county should market the city, not the city.

Me (who just bought a home in the city this year): ?????????!!!!!!??????!!!!!!!!!

Hope that clears things up!

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