To have say or not to have say, that is the question

Posted: October 9, 2013 in Silliness
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I’ll take today’s editorial in the Recorder as an admission that their previous editorial stance that the general public has “no say” in any of AIDA’s decisions was in error. Because obviously if the public should have a say in what plastic statues the Mayor buys with money that she has complete authority to spend, then why wouldn’t they also have a say in something far more important, such as how a public benefit corporation handles historic preservation? I have no doubt that once the editors realize this inconsistency, they will issue some sort of well thought out explanation or even a retraction, rather than take personal offense  and dig themselves even further into their entrenched position. Right.

  1. Ann M. Thane says:

    I found the editorial striking for its lack of original thought. I guess when stuck for something to say, you can always cruise Facebook and pick up a readily-scripted opinion.

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