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  1. I’m looking for commentors who will contribute well thought out responses and add their own innovative ideas to the discussion.
  2. I’m not looking for ranting, raving or emotional venting. There are other blogs out there you can do that on.
  3.  I will be moderating all comments, so please be patient if your comment does not appear immediately.
  4. Comments that contain personal attacks, mockery, or speculation about the motives of others will not be approved.  Threats of any kind will be reported to the authorities immediately.
  5. Respectful disagreement is welcome and encouraged.  Please take the time to qualify your points of disagreement with supporting details.
  6. If you make a comment and someone disagrees with your idea, their disagreement does not erase your original idea. There is no need to answer except to clarify or offer new material.
  7. Whether you use your real name or choose a fictional name, write as if you are sitting in the same room with the person you are responding to, and as if everyone in the world will see your post and know you wrote it!