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So I’m getting a deluge of internet traffic to my completely off the wall joke post about “Leave Aid” (thanks a bunch Times Union!) So I figured while I have a few eyes from around the Capital District, that I’d make a serious plug for what I consider to be one of Amsterdam’s most marketable assets – it’s abundance of affordable office space.

If you are a small business struggling with high rental costs for your office space, I would recommend you check out what the Walter Elwood Museum has available now that they have taken ownership of the old Noteworthy building at 100 Church St.

There are dozens of different sized rooms available for rent at $7/sq ft (one year lease) which includes heat and electricity.  Non-profit organizations get $5/sq ft.  So potentially, you could get into a small space somewhere around the $200/month range. They also have tons of storage and warehouse space as well. You can get a few more details here on their Craigslist ad, but please call (518) 843-5151 for more information.

These are decent, clean rooms in a well maintained old brick building. I would say they are perfect for any type of IT based or consulting business or for artist or photography studios or non-profit organization offices. Although Church street has a high volume of traffic,  I don’t think they are especially suited for a retail storefront. Internet connectivity is not included, but both Time Warner or Verizon broadband services are available in the building.

I just moved my own web design business into a space here two months ago. I had previously rented space from the Noteworthy company a few years ago, and I was pleased to be able to move back. Director Ann Peconie was extremely helpful in getting me situated in my new space. I have clients who visit my office occasionally, and when they do, they have no problem finding my office, and the entrance way is very nice, with several exhibits from the museum on display.  I know my clients will get a good first impression of my business when they visit! Including my own business, there are already several other offices moved in, including the Montgomery County Literacy Project.

I also want to mention that just down the road, you have the Sanford Clock Tower which also offers plenty of affordable space and can also build customized offices.

There are several other places in Amsterdam with good space as well, but these two buildings, within a few minutes walking distance of each other, offer an extraordinary value for affordable office space. And in my experience, both owners are highly motivated to get tenants in. I think there is great potential in this section of the city to become a magnet for technology or digital arts based businesses. Any small business considering their rental options would do well to check these buildings out!